Cross-Chain Wrapped Assets with Deposit Insurance

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What do you know about KNIT Finance?,KNIT Finance is a blockchain insurance method

KNIT Finance creates a way for billions in liquidity to flow into Defi. Any crypto hodler can convert their coin to an equivalent synthetic token with KNIT Finance’s smart contract.

k tokens can be minted on any EVM compliant blockchain and then moved among all EVM compliant layer-1.
Tap into the Ethereum ecosystem with any asset. Apply ADA, FIL, DOT, XEM, or any other major coin to leading DEX, liquidity pools, lending, margin, collateral, or yield farms.
k tokens are the key to unlocking a galaxy of opportunities for any altcoin that does not exist on Eth, PolkaDot, Binance Smart Chain and many more!

Knit Fee Structure

Comfortable Cross-chain asset fluidity built on insured custody is a powerful value offering.

The Knit ecosystem is sustained through fees on its value-additive services. A small fee is applied to redemption of k assets and bridge usage.

Token Economy

  • Staking
    Redemption fees of k assets are rewarded to hard-locked token stakers.
  • Secondary Market Support
    Fees generated from bridge usage are used to support the token’s secondary market.
  • Governance
    Ecosystem decisions are decided by Knit stakers.

Unlocking True Potential of Multi-chain DeFi

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