EAST COIN, Payment for you traveling

Traffic in the world of toursim and travel is very large, in involves flights, hotel, We at EAST plan to create that community in a large ecosystem EAST by using EAST Coin for fast and efficient payments of services and goods worldwide

East coin is the best solution for payment with FIAT that has lost and is easy to inflation, Coin East is a liaison between operators and clients who do not have the same bank account due to different countries, with blockchain technology

2. Increase revenue by a tokenized loyalty program.
3. Streamline company business transactions.

4. Global Blockchain payments infrastructure.

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Type of Token : Utility
Issurance Type : ERC20
Tickers Symbol : EAST
Token Price : 0.33CENT
Currency Accepted : BTC ETH, FIAT, USDT
Contribution Private Pre-Sale : 25/05.2021 = O.lOcents
Contribution Pre-ICO 24.06.2021
Contribution Main-Sale 23.07.2021 5% Private Pre- SALE, Pre-SALE 15%, 30% Main Sale.

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