Now you and everyone in the world have used social media platforms, video sharing platforms. but you only use it for fun without you getting the benefit of the platform

On the OMNI you get both, of course, you will get benefits, we will help OMNI users to get income, Omni is dedicated to forming a new standard for the social, economic, and environmental world.

We’re taking all of the features of the world’s hottest apps and combining them into one platform. The only app you’ll ever need for messaging, streaming, sharing, and interacting with content and its creators. Our mission is to take poverty head-on by rewarding our users, the people who give Omni its true value. We’re pioneering the world’s first user-compensating app to change the universe of social media and tech forever. Omni is bringing new power to the people.

Earn Omni Coins Earn Omni Coins for creating content, doing challenges, sharing content with friends and much more. Use Omni Coin to tip your favorite creators, and buy products from in-app stores

Token Economics Breakdown Profits will be returned to Omni Users in the form of Omni Coins. These coins can be used to make purchases on the app buy from merchant stores, send digital gifts to your favorite influencers, NFT Markets and much more. Learn more about how the Token’s economics work in our lightpaper.

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Love podcasts or audiobooks? Learn on the go with our new app.

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