OMNIA DeFI is your worldwide unlimited access

Cryptocurrency make it possible for people to make money and payments that are universally accessible, to anyone, wherever they are in all parts of the world. The decentralized finance (DeFi) or OpenFinance program takes that promise one step futher.

Imagine a global and open financial alternative for every financial service you use today such as savings, loans trading, insurance and more accessible to anyone in this world with a smartphone and internet connection

Everyone should be empowered, and have capacity to empower others, to gain wealth unhindered by geography, income level or governing infrastructure. Today’s blockchain technology makes it much more feasible to register both personal identity and property rights. This is an effective prosperity tool that we want to bring to the world. A global free market serves only those who have access to it. Equal opportunity demands equitable, universal access.

PROBLEM Today’s global economy is still suffering from an enormous imbalance in prosperity distribution. The illiquidity of high-value assets is a barrier to exchange, and therefore to entries into lucrative property ownership. Trillions of dollars are locked up in fine art, real estate and other expensive items that individuals with modest income cannot afford to buy if sold in their entirety. In some parts of the world, access to much needed capital is further frustrated by the unavailability of collateral registration services.

SOLUTION By tokenising property and allowing the owner to sell 49% but keep 51% of ownership, the seller gains needed liquidity and the buyer gains an excellent and safe buy opportunity. OAT (Omnia Asset Token) will be in charge of linking property to the blockchain, leveraging IPFS (Interplanetary File System) for a fully decentralised process. Additionally our stablecoin arrangement seeks to deliver an alternative stable coin to the crypto markets with real world assets as underlying value.

With Omnia DeFi, you can tokenise to gain liquidity or buy into any asset worldwide.

Our Quest is to bring Universal Access to Wealth Creation. We aim to tokenise all real world assets on the planet and beyond. From tokenising assets such as land in developing nations, helping to bring much needed capital from a global community. To tokenising exclusive high value items, lowering the entry threshold and bringing in broader liquidity. Our Quest for Universal Access to Wealth Creation coincides with our goal for becoming the largest platform of tokenised real world assets by 2030


TOKENISATION BURN 50% of all onboarding fees for OATs will be used to burn OMNIA tokens. As tokenisation speeds up so will the burn.

COMMUNITY HACKING REWARDS Various deals within the ecosystem from AirDrops to very special NFTs (comics portrait, unique restricted access, fees bypass, OAT discounts…). OmniaDefi community will be able to issue and vote on new rewards proposals.

STAKING AND FARMING Traditional DeFi earnings coupled with OAT (Omnia Asset Token) discounts. The longer $OMNIA have been staked/farmed, the higher the discounts on OAT (more details in litepaper)

DAO Issue & vote for community proposals about rewards update, new features implementations, partnership validation, OAT data validation & bug bounty rewards.

$OMNIA Token

OMNIA Tokens are exchange and utility tokens within our ecosystem used for crowdfunding to build company operations and platform.


Omnia Asset Tokens (OATs) will be created after full regulatory approval. These asset tokens will be tied in smart contract to the real-world assets underlying their value.

Stable Coin

Omnia Stable Coin (OSC) will be created after OATs. It will be pegged to the U.S. Dollar with all pooled OATs as underlying value.


50% of tokenisation onboarding fees

1,000,000 $OMNIA onto the moon

  • ❑ 500,000 in the first 6 months after R1
  • ❑ 500,000 over 10 years


❑ Staking & Farming fees

  • ❑ 50% is burned
  • ❑ 25% is redistributed to all holders
  • ❑ 25% treasury

❑ Unsold round allocation

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