OMNIA DeFI is your worldwide unlimited access

With Omnia DeFi, you can tokenise to gain liquidity or buy into any asset worldwide.


TOKENISATION BURN 50% of all onboarding fees for OATs will be used to burn OMNIA tokens. As tokenisation speeds up so will the burn.

COMMUNITY HACKING REWARDS Various deals within the ecosystem from AirDrops to very special NFTs (comics portrait, unique restricted access, fees bypass, OAT discounts…). OmniaDefi community will be able to issue and vote on new rewards proposals.

STAKING AND FARMING Traditional DeFi earnings coupled with OAT (Omnia Asset Token) discounts. The longer $OMNIA have been staked/farmed, the higher the discounts on OAT (more details in litepaper)

DAO Issue & vote for community proposals about rewards update, new features implementations, partnership validation, OAT data validation & bug bounty rewards.

$OMNIA Token


Stable Coin


  • ❑ 500,000 in the first 6 months after R1
  • ❑ 500,000 over 10 years


  • ❑ 50% is burned
  • ❑ 25% is redistributed to all holders
  • ❑ 25% treasury



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