UnityFund , A REAL Rug Pull Proof Token

Central Packindo
3 min readJul 15, 2021

Unity is to build a system that not only sends a % of transactions to charities (where other projects have stopped), but to build a reward-based system of democratic donation allocation that will see each new version of our platform increasing the level of value being created within the ecosystem, and improving the way it is efficiently distributed.

Decentralization has proven to be a useful tool for solving many problems and it certainly has a place in the future of altruism and charitable activities. Within the context of our project, decentralization allows for a small but significant part of the value that is being generated by our community to be automatically contributed to improving the complicated state of the world in 2021.

Our goal is the design and implement a system that will simultaneously create value for token holders, incentivising them to continually support the community and interact for personal gain, but also in doing so to create an automatic mechanism for taking a significant amount of the value being created by UnityFund and to redirect that to global charitable causes.

Within our ecosystem there are 3 main parties being our community, the charities and organisations the ecosystem supports, and ourselves, the team.

The main factor determining the success of our project is the alignment of the goals of each party with the functionality of the ecosystem, with a greater alignment of our collective goals leading to greater longevity of the project and of the benefits that each group will be able to yield from the system.

Our V1 product begins from a point of maximally aligning the goals of each group within the technological constraints we begin with, and with each additional upgrade to the system more value will be created by Unity Fund, more value will be distributed to charities that can affect global positive changes, more value will be enjoyed by our community in a more diverse range of forms, and consequently as a team, our goal of creating the world’s largest decentralized altruism ecosystem will also be realised.

The UNITY token is the native cryptographic mechanism that is used to store value within the UnityFund ecosystem, and to distribute it to members of the network in a seamless and optimal way.

At its core, the UNITY token represents a combination of the energy of our community, the potential incentives they have to join with us, the ways in which the features of the ecosystem open up new and unique benefits for users, and the byproduct of the incentivisation of being a part of UnityFund, which is the generation of a significant amount of funds that is autonomously distributed to global charities.

The UNITY token represents something else which many projects in the space don’t, which is the opportunity to take part in a community and ecosystem that is designed for longevity, and that realises that the best way to have a positive impact on the world via our project is to make it maximally beneficial for our community to stick with us longterm.