When you work with bureaucracy of course it will take a lot of time and of course very tiring, complicated problems in the current bureaucracy are unresolved problems, Official documents, Invoices, Home and Vehicle purchase and sale, School and Education, Health and Hospital, Finance and Business, Customs procedures, Passport and Identity procedures are just some of the areas of example.

DBC Solution
The DBC token has been created to be used in the Digital Bureaucracy Infrastructure and to become the currency of the future. DBC token is the Crypto Currency that will be used in your bureaucratic transactions around the world. What will DBC token do?

1. We combine the structure of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, allowing you to trade securely and quickly.

2. Bureaucratic procedures will rely on the help of Artificial Intelligence completely. It is a great project that will ensure swift and reliable transfers over the blockchain network.

3. Dependable and rapid payments. You will be able to send even the highest payments at the lowest cost.

4. Safe storage of school and hospital transactions on the Blockchain network. It enables making an action or obtaining information simpler with just a click.


• Token Symbol Name: Digital Bureaucracy
• Short Token Name: DBC
• Token Standard: BEP20
• Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
• Total Supply: 200,000,000 DBC
• Smart Contract address: 0xaede8306171b2aac22cf4f39a63aae09e99a488c

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